Monday, August 16, 2010

S (Soup, Saus)

Soups (Veg. & Non Veg.)

Chicken Stock Consomme
ITEMS REQUIRED : 1 Boiling Chicken (with Giblets)2 Peeled & Sliced OnionsStalks of Celery अजवाइन,  2 - 3 Carrots1 thin silver of lemon rind,  1 bay leaf6 - 8 springs of persley, 1 spring of tarragon (or large pinch dried tarragon), 1 small spring of thyme (or large pinch dried thyme), 6 peppercorns, 1 Level Teaspoon Salt (as per taste).

WORD MEANING : Giblets = "left over" parts of a butchered fowl. It includes the liver, crop, kidney, and neck of the bird. In many recipes, these giblets are used to make gravy more tasty.
Celery : अजवाइन, for Photos and Meaning CLIEK HERE.

STEPS (Method) :
  1. Put a cleaned and cut-up boiling chickn into a large pan with sliced vegetables.
  2. Add the herbs and seasoning, Cover with Water, and bring slow to the boil.
  3. Cover the Pan and simmer for 2 hours until all the flavour is in the soup.
  4. Strain and allow to Cool, when cold, skim fat from the top and use the stock for chicken consome or other soups requiring strong chicken stock.
  5. The Stock can also be stored in teh deep freezer.
Ordinary Chicken Stock
ITEMS REQUIRED : 1 cooked Chicken Carcass Giblets (as per availability)1 Sliced Onion2 Sliced Carrots2 Celery Stalks1 Bay Leaf1 Thyme Spring (or 1/8 teasoon or largepinch dried thyme)6 Persley Springs6 Peppercorns, 1 Level Teaspoon Salt1 Chicken Cube (as per taste)

STEPS (Method) :
  1. Put the broken-up chicken carcass & bones into a pan with any available giblets and any leftover chicken meat (skin).
  2. Add the vegetables and herbs.
  3. Cover it with water, add pepper and salt, [very little garam masala (hot pipper) as per taste] IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IS GARAM MASALA PLEASE CLICK HERE. Bring to the boil slowly, then simmer for 1-2 Hrs. or untill well flavoured. If needed add a Chicken cube.
  4. Cook for few more minutes (if chicken cube added).
  5. Strain & allow to cool, either use on the same time or store in the refrigerator, boiling it up daily, or in a deep freeze.
Fish Stock
MATERIALS REQUIRED: ½ - 1 Pound Fish Back-Bones and Skins,  1 Sliced Onion,  Two Sliced Carrots,  2 Stalks Celery,  6 Springs of Parseley,  1 Bay Leaf,  1 Spring of Thyme,  2 ½ pints water,  ½ Pint white wine or Cider (if required).

  1. Use back-bones from white fish-sole, turbot or halibut preferably - and the skins if available.  Put these in a pan with the sliced onion, carrot cerely, herbs and water.
  2. Add the white wine or cider as per availability.
  3. Then add salt and pepper.
  4. Bring very slowly to the boil and simmer for 30-40 minutes until the liquid has reduced and is well flavoured.
  5. Strain and cool. Use at once or if needed freeze for later use.

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